Sieg-Huao, focuses on die casting and investment casting, provides metal works solution, high pressure die casting, precise machining and metal fabrication. 

Sieg-Huao Metal Works Supplier For The Diversified Industry


Research & Development

Except for our fluent manufacturing experience and skill, we also co-operate with 3D printing machine producer who are invested by our associated company Xinyu Precision Manufacture to make a fast prototype.

Awards And Membership

Top ten of foundry (2013) awarded by Jiangsu Province Foundry Associate;
High Technology Enterprise granted by Jiangsu Prevince Science and Technolgy Dept;
Vice-leader company of China Investment Casting Foundry Associate;
The Chief company of Nanjing High Pressure Die Casting Foundry Associate.

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About Us

Main Site locating in Nanjing of China.  We start our business since 2005, merge and sharehold serveral companies to enlarge and complete our manufacturing process to give our worldwide customers the comprehensive solution. 

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