Sieg-Huao, focuses on die casting and investment casting, provides metal works solution, high pressure die casting, precise machining and metal fabrication. 


  • Q Can you list some customers?

    A  We are producing parts for KFV, ASCO and etc
  • Q Can you open my drawing?

    A We can open *.pdf,*.jpg,*.tif, *.dwg,*.dwf,*.igs,*.stp, *.prt etc.
  • Q Can you handle my unusual alloy requirements?

    A Our factory can cast steel and iron.
    • Steel:  GS38, GS52, LCC, SS304, SS316
    • Iron: GG20, GG25, GGG40, GGG50, GGG60
  • Q What are sand Casting's part size capabilities?

    A Weight: 50kg~10,000kg
  • Q What are Precision Casting's part size capabilities?

    A A Precisions specializes in both large and small castings - from intricate, miniature parts that are 1/10 of an ounce(about 3 gram) or less to large investment castings of up to 300pounds(about 136kg).
  • Q What are the benefits of Investment Casting?

    A Investment Casting provides you with incredible design flexibility and reduced costs.
  • Q What is Investment Casting?

    A You can learn all about the Investment Casting Process by visiting our factory tour page.
  • Q Do you have the capabilities for large and/or small production?

    A We have the flexibility to handle both large and small production runs. Precision Casting prides itself in meeting your specific requirements and deadlines.
  • Q Can you handle my unusual alloy requirements?

    Our factory can cast all stainless steels, and a variety of other materials.
    • 300 and 400 series
    • 17-4 Ph
    • 15-5 Ph 
    • High carbon and low carbon steels
    • Tool steels
    • Iron: GG25, GGG40, GGG50, GGG60
    • Bronze
    • Brass ,
    We can also use special alloys made to your specifications. In addition, certified chemical and physical analysis are furnished when necessary, as well as NDT(UT or x-ray).
  • Q Can Precision Casting produce intricate part shapes?

    A Yes. Our precision casting process allows us to manufacture intricate shapes that would be impractical or impossible to produce by conventional means. We produce complex parts with fine detail in one piece to 120 rms surface finishes.
  • Q Is there an advantage to using investment casting for replacement parts?

    A Yes, cast replacement parts made from higher tensile alloys cost less and last longer, reducing your downtime for lost parts. 
  • Q What are your precision casting tolerances?

    a. ±.005 per linear inch. Angular tolerance is ±1/2 degree. Typical finish is 120 RMS.
    b. According to VDG P 690 D2, Typical finish is Ra1.6~3.2. 
  • Q What if I have a "problem part"? Can SIEG GUSSWORKS meet my needs?

    A Yes, we can provide solutions for many challenging, "problem" parts. In fact, investment casting is often the only answer to casting difficult parts economically. Let us know what your challenge is, and we'll help you find the right solution. 
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Main Site locating in Nanjing of China.  We start our business since 2005, merge and sharehold serveral companies to enlarge and complete our manufacturing process to give our worldwide customers the comprehensive solution. 

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