Sieg-Huao, focuses on die casting and investment casting, provides metal works solution, high pressure die casting, precise machining and metal fabrication. 

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Die Casting Process -Tool Fabrication

Simple Description:

The three elements of die casting are die casting machine, die casting alloy and die casting mould. Sieg-Huao has a professional team dedicated to the design and production of die casting molds. Only good tools can produce qualified casting parts.

Die Casting Process -Casting

Simple Description:

Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under
high pressure into a mold cavity. 

Die Casting Process -Finishing

Simple Description:

Finishing for die castings mainly include deburring, grinding, polishing, cleaning and
secondary machining by cnc machining center.

Investment Casting Process - Wax Injection

Simple Description:

Wax injection is the process of using wax injection machine to inject the liquid wax
into the metal mould and to inform the wax pattern.

Investment Casting Process - Wax Assembling

Simple Description:

Wax assembling refers to gluing each wax pattern together with another from the
position of
in-gate to a tree-like fixture.

Investment Casting Process - Dipping

Simple Description:

The wax trees are dipped in a ceramic based slurry and then showered in a very fine silica
based mixture again and again to finally get a shell with desired wall thickness. 

Investment Casting Process -  Automatic shell making system

Simple Description:

As an intelligent production system, the machine and equipment of the system carry out the process layout according to the product group, can process different parts with the product change, can determine the corresponding process according to the change of the processing object or the change of raw materials, and can also respond in time according to the change of production volume to ensure economic operation, through the use of online monitoring method and fault diagnosis technology The normal operation of the equipment, according to the production needs to expand the system structure, and the use of different machines, materials, processes to produce a series of products.

Investment Casting Process - De-Wax
Simple Description:

Dewaxing kettle is used to heat the shells in order to melt away the wax and finally get an
empty shell cavity.

Investment Casting Process - Shell Baking

Simple Description:

Shell baking: After de-waxing process there left an empty shell. The shell is put into
the furnace to get baked in order to achieve enough hardness and is prepared for
high casting temperature during pouring process. 

Investment Casting Process - Pouring

Simple Description:

During pouring process, the solid metal is melted into liquid in the furnace and then poured
into the metal moulds after baking.

Investment Casting Process - Post casting treatment

Simple Description:

Post Casting Treatment mainly refer to CNC machining which includes cleaning,
drilling, milling, turning, threading and so on.

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Main Site locating in Nanjing of China.  We start our business since 2005, merge and sharehold serveral companies to enlarge and complete our manufacturing process to give our worldwide customers the comprehensive solution. 

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