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  • 10-10
    How to Choose the Gate Location?
    The gate position refers to the entrance of metal liquid into the casting cavity, commonly known as the feeding position or the inlet position.As far as possible, the spout position makes the flow of metal liquid short, low resistance, small pressure loss, filling time moderate, so as to ensure the Read More »
  • 10-09
    What is Die Retention Time And What Effects Does It Have?
    Mold retention time: the time from the end of the hold-down stage to the release of the die casting. The purpose of this time is to ensure that the casting is fully solidified, cooled and has a certain strength in the die, so that the die casting will not be deformed or cracked during the release an Read More »
  • 09-04
    The Role of Heating and Cooling Systems
    Before the die casting production, the mold should be fully preheated and kept within a certain temperature range during the die casting process. Its main functions are as follows:The die can achieve better heat balance and improve the solidification condition of casting sequence so that the solidif Read More »
  • 09-02
    Universal Law of Shrinkage of Die Casting
    The casting structure is complex, Core more, The shrinkage rate is small when the shrinkage of obstruction is larger,On the contrary, the shrinkage rate is largerThe radial dimension of the casting core is in the direction of obstruction and the shrinkage rate is small, while the dimension parallel Read More »
  • 08-05
    Basic Requirements for Alloy Die Casting
    The low melting point temperature of the Alloy die casting is beneficial to prolong the service life of die casting mold. Read More »
  • 08-03
    How to Solve Mechanical Scratches of Die Casting?
    Mechanical scratches is a linear scratch on the surface of the die casting during core-pulling and push-out.Causes of mechanical scratches mainly include the following aspects:Demoulding agent lubricity is not good, the mold temperature exceeds the adhesion temperature of demoulding agent, coating m Read More »
  • 07-20
    What Is The Shrinkage Rate Of Die Casting
    Shrinkage rate of die casting refers to the relative change rate of die forming size and actual size of die casting at room temperatureThe shrinkage rate of die casting includes liquid volume shrinkage of metal liquid, solidification phase transformation shrinkage and solid volume shrinkageThe more Read More »
  • 07-02
    How to Understand Simulation? Do You Have the Right Idea?
    The essence of CAE simulation is the physical model formed after highly approximating the actual production process, and the process of solving and displaying the key physical field variables with numerical methodsThe complete CAE simulation process includes: pre-processing, calculation and solution Read More »
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Main Site locating in Nanjing of China.  We start our business since 2005, merge and sharehold serveral companies to enlarge and complete our manufacturing process to give our worldwide customers the comprehensive solution. 

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